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Ruud is one of a handful of radical legislators who want Minnesotans to be unarmed, unprotected and less free

In 2003 Minnesota lawmakers passed the Minnesota Personal Protection Act -- a bill that allows law-abiding citizens the right to carry a firearm for personal protection.

Although it is popularly referred to as “conceal and carry”, it is more correct to call the law “permit to carry.” If you have a permit, you are not required to conceal.

In 2004, opponents of the new law decided to go judge shopping. They found a judge willing to temporarily overturn the law on the grounds that it was attached to an unrelated bill. But the new law proved extremely popular so, in 2005, the legislature came right back and re-passed the same law.

As proponents of the law fondly say:

“It's a bill so nice, we passed it twice.”

The law passed both the Minnesota House (86-47) and Senate (44-21) by overwhelming margins.

Critics warned of Old West style shootouts. But the reality is that in three years there have been more people killed by the Hiawatha Light Rail line (two) than from all the thousands of law abiding permit holders in Minnesota (zero). Critics argued that Minnesota is out of step with the rest of the nation. But 40 states now have "shall issue" laws -- clearly it is the 10 who don't that are out of the mainstream.

Self protection is a basic human right. But, in 2005, Rep. Maria Ruud was one of a handful of radical DFL legislators who voted to take that right away:

The following letter is reprinted from the Minnetonka Sun Sailor 6/12/2003

Wake up and start paying attention
by Maria Ruud, Minnetonka

The recent letter to the editor by the writer encouraging those against the new gun law to avoid businesses and establishments that fail to post a ”no guns permitted” sign is right on. If you are not outraged by what has been going on in the political world, from irresponsible gun laws, to irresponsible tax cuts, then, as the bumper sticker says, “you're not paying attention.”

If you know the names of the contestants on “American Idol” or “The Bachelor,” but don't know what the names of your representatives and how they voted on key issues that will affect your life and the lives of your children and grandchildren then be prepared to accept the changes, however grim, that are taking place in the world in which you live. Now is the time to become informed, find your voice and use it and vote with your feet if necessary.


One of the most outrageous pieces of direct mail sent out in the 2004 campaign on behalf of Maria Ruud claimed that her Republican opponent, Peter Adolphson, wanted guns in hospitals:

It is ALWAYS legal to carry a concealed weapon if you have a legitimate permit to do so. You have a right to self-defense in a grocery store, in a park, in a restaurant . . .yes, even in a hospital. That's why it's called a RIGHT. In 40 states that's the law.

At no time did Peter Adolphson advocate that anyone walk into a hospital and start shooting people. Yet that is EXACTLY the kind of imagery that was suggested by Maria Ruud's smear piece.

The attack was well timed. It was sent out just days before the election so that the Adolphson campaign would not have time to respond. Unfortunately, Ms. Ruud was rewarded for her dirty tactics. She ended up winning the race by just 239 votes.

The following letter is reprinted from the Eden Prairie News 2/27/2003:

Right-to-carry legislation means less crime
By Peter Bozanich, Eden Prairie

I am writing in response to the February 20 letter by Lisa and Erik Stene attacking the currently proposed right-to-carry legislation. In their letter, they make several claims. Some of their claims are designed to scare people (“...significant and frightening safety risk for our children”). Some of their claims are red herrings (“our community has hired the Eden Prairie Police Department to ensure our safety”). And some of their claims are just plain false (“More guns in our community will translate into more shootings”).

The biggest lie currently being perpetuated by the anti-gun lobby is that banning guns leads to less crime. That is pure nonsense. In fact, the complete opposite is true.

According to Chicago University professor John Lott, crime actually fell in states that enact right-to-carry legislation between 1977 and 1992. They saw fewer robberies, fewer rapes and fewer aggravated assaults. Murder dropped by a whopping 8%.

The reasons for this are many.

First of all, one characteristic of criminals is that they do not tend to follow laws. They already conceal and carry! It is law abiding citizens who suffer when anti-gun laws are passed.

Second, it's a violent world out there and the police are not personal bodyguards. Department of Justice statistics reveal that police can only get to a crime scene within 5 minutes only 28 percent of the time. Yet, according to the FBI, a violent crime is committed somewhere in America every 22 seconds.

Third, there are several requirements before you can get a permit. You have to be a citizen of the state, you cannot be convicted of certain crimes, you cannot have a history of mental illness. And, most important, you have to be trained. No one in Minnesota gets a permit to carry a handgun without proper training.

This idea that law abiding citizens will suddenly be turned into homicidal maniacs is not only insulting, but it's totally contradicted by the real world. In Florida, for example, almost half a million permits were issued between October 1987 and December 1997. Yet only .018% of those people had those permits revoked.

You might be surprised to discover that 33 states already have right-to-carry laws -- a majority. If these laws work in such places as Alaska, Hawaii, Texas, Nevada and Florida, why does the anti-gun lobby feel that they will not work here?

One last point: If Lisa and Erik Stene do not like guns, I have a suggestion for them: don't own a gun. That is what freedom is all about. But you should not have the right to make that decision for the rest of us. Responsible gun ownership leads to safer streets, safer homes, and safer families.

Please let your legislators know you support right-to-carry legislation.


House approval of MPPA
May 18, 2005 (SF2259) -- The House voted 86-47 to reinstate the Minnesota Personal Protection Act, which has been overturned by a court. The 2003 law allowed adults with a clean record, no mental illness and proper training to get a permit to carry a gun.

Legislator Party District Vote
Jim Abeler Republican 48B FOR
Bruce Anderson Republican 19A FOR
Irv Anderson Democrat 03A FOR
Joe Atkins Democrat 39B FOR
Michael Beard Republican 35A FOR
Greg Blaine Republican 12B FOR
Fran Bradley Republican 29B FOR
Laura Brod Republican 25A FOR
Mark Buesgens Republican 35B FOR
Mike Charron Republican 56A FOR
Tony Cornish Republican 24B FOR
Lloyd Cybart Republican 37A FOR
Gregory M. Davids Republican 31B FOR
Chris DeLaForest Republican 49A FOR
Matt Dean Republican 52B FOR
Randy Demmer Republican 29A FOR
Jerry Dempsey Republican 28A FOR
David Dill Democrat 06A FOR
Denise Dittrich Democrat 47A FOR
Dan Dorman Republican 27A FOR
Rob Eastlund Republican 17A FOR
Kent Eken Democrat 02A FOR
Tom Emmer Republican 19B FOR
Sondra Erickson Republican 16A FOR
Pat Garofalo Republican 36B FOR
Paul Gazelka Republican 12A FOR
Bob Gunther Republican 24A FOR
Tom Hackbarth Republican 48A FOR
Rod Hamilton Republican 22B FOR
Rick Hansen Democrat 39A FOR
Bud Heidgerken Republican 13A FOR
Mary Liz Holberg Republican 36A FOR
Joe Hoppe Republican 34B FOR
Larry Hosch Democrat 14B FOR
Larry Howes Republican 04B FOR
Jeff Johnson Republican 43A FOR
Al Juhnke Democrat 13B FOR
Karen Klinzing Republican 56B FOR
Jim Knoblach Republican 15A FOR
Lyle Koenen Democrat 20B FOR
Paul Kohls Republican 34A FOR
Philip Krinkie Republican 53A FOR
Bernard Lieder Democrat 01B FOR
Leon Lillie Democrat 55A FOR
Doug Magnus Republican 22A FOR
Tim Mahoney Democrat 67A FOR
Paul Marquart Democrat 09B FOR
Denny McNamara Republican 57B FOR
Doug Meslow Republican 53B FOR
Frank Moe Democrat 04A FOR
Mary Murphy Democrat 06B FOR
Peter Nelson Republican 17B FOR
Scott Newman Republican 18A FOR
Bud Nornes Republican 10A FOR
Mark Olson Republican 16B FOR
Joe Opatz Democrat 15B FOR
Mary Ellen Otremba Democrat 11B FOR
Dennis Ozment Republican 37B FOR
Erik Paulsen Republican 42B FOR
Maxine Penas Republican 01A FOR
Joyce Peppin Republican 32A FOR
Neil W. Peterson Republican 41B FOR
Jeanne Poppe Democrat 27B FOR
Duke Powell Republican 40A FOR
Tom Rukavina Democrat 05A FOR
Brita Sailer Democrat 02B FOR
Char Samuelson Republican 50B FOR
Marty Seifert Republican 21A FOR
Anthony Sertich Democrat 05B FOR
Dan Severson Republican 14A FOR
Dean Simpson Republican 10B FOR
Steve Smith Republican 33A FOR
Judy Soderstrom Republican 08B FOR
Loren Solberg Democrat 03B FOR
Steve Sviggum Republican 28B FOR
Barb Sykora Republican 33B FOR
Kathy Tingelstad Republican 49B FOR
Dean Urdahl Republican 18B FOR
Ray Vandeveer Republican 52A FOR
Lynn Wardlow Republican 38B FOR
Andy Welti Democrat 30B FOR
Andrew Westerberg Republican 51A FOR
Torrey Westrom Republican 11A FOR
Tim Wilkin Republican 38A FOR
Kurt Zellers Republican 32B FOR
Ron Abrams Republican 43B AGAINST
Connie Bernardy Democrat 51B AGAINST
Lyndon Carlson Democrat 45B AGAINST
Karen Clark Democrat 61A AGAINST
Ray Cox Republican 25B AGAINST
Jim Davnie Democrat 62A AGAINST
John Dorn Democrat 23B AGAINST
Keith Ellison Democrat 58B AGAINST
Matt Entenza Democrat 64A AGAINST
Ron Erhardt Republican 41A AGAINST
Patti Fritz Democrat 26B AGAINST
Barbara Goodwin Democrat 50A AGAINST
Mindy Greiling Democrat 54A AGAINST
Alice Hausman Democrat 66B AGAINST
Debra Hilstrom Democrat 46B AGAINST
Bill Hilty Democrat 08A AGAINST
Frank Hornstein Democrat 60B AGAINST
Melissa Hortman Democrat 47B AGAINST
Thomas Huntley Democrat 07A AGAINST
Mike Jaros Democrat 07B AGAINST
Ruth Johnson Democrat 23A AGAINST
Sheldon Johnson Democrat 67B AGAINST
Phyllis Kahn Democrat 59B AGAINST
Margaret Anderson Kelliher Democrat 60A AGAINST
Morrie Lanning Republican 09A AGAINST
Dan Larson Democrat 63B AGAINST
Ron Latz Democrat 44B AGAINST
Ann Lenczewski Democrat 40B AGAINST
John Lesch Democrat 66A AGAINST
Tina Liebling Democrat 30A AGAINST
Diane Loeffler Democrat 59A AGAINST
Carlos Mariani Democrat 65B AGAINST
Joe Mullery Democrat 58A AGAINST
Michael Nelson Democrat 46A AGAINST
Michael Paymar Democrat 64B AGAINST
Gene Pelowski, Jr. Democrat 31A AGAINST
Aaron Peterson Democrat 20A AGAINST
Sandra Peterson Democrat 45A AGAINST
Connie Ruth Republican 26A AGAINST
Maria Ruud Democrat 42A AGAINST
Bev Scalze Democrat 54B AGAINST
Katie Sieben Democrat 57A AGAINST
Steve Simon Democrat 44A AGAINST
Nora Slawik Democrat 55B AGAINST
Cy Thao Democrat 65A AGAINST
Paul Thissen Democrat 63A AGAINST
Jean Wagenius Democrat 62B AGAINST
Neva Walker Democrat 61B AGAINST

Senate approval of MPPA
May 13, 2005 (SF2259) -- The Senate voted 44-21 for the Minnesota Personal Protection Act, a duplicate of the 2003 act that a court struck down.

Legislator Party District Vote
Michele M. Bachmann Republican 52 FOR
Thomas M. Bakk Democrat 06 FOR
William V. Belanger Republican 40 FOR
Dick Day Republican 26 FOR
Steve Dille Republican 18 FOR
Michelle L. Fischbach Republican 14 FOR
Dennis R. Frederickson Republican 21 FOR
David Gaither Republican 43 FOR
Chris Gerlach Republican 37 FOR
Dean E. Johnson Democrat 13 FOR
Michael J. Jungbauer Republican 48 FOR
Bob Kierlin Republican 31 FOR
Sheila M. Kiscaden Democrat 30 FOR
Dave Kleis Republican 15 FOR
Paul E. Koering Republican 12 FOR
Gary W. Kubly Democrat 20 FOR
Keith Langseth Democrat 09 FOR
Cal Larson Republican 10 FOR
Brian LeClair Republican 56 FOR
Warren Limmer Republican 32 FOR
Becky Lourey Democrat 08 FOR
James P. Metzen Democrat 39 FOR
Steve Murphy Democrat 28 FOR
Thomas M. Neuville Republican 25 FOR
Sean R. Nienow Republican 17 FOR
Gen Olson Republican 33 FOR
Julianne E. Ortman Republican 34 FOR
Mark Ourada Republican 19 FOR
Pat Pariseau Republican 36 FOR
Mady Reiter Republican 53 FOR
Claire A. Robling Republican 35 FOR
Julie A. Rosen Republican 24 FOR
Carrie L. Ruud Republican 04 FOR
Dallas C. Sams Democrat 11 FOR
Tom Saxhaug Democrat 03 FOR
Linda Scheid Democrat 46 FOR
David H. Senjem Republican 29 FOR
Rod Skoe Democrat 02 FOR
Dan Sparks Democrat 27 FOR
LeRoy A. Stumpf Democrat 01 FOR
David J. Tomassoni Democrat 05 FOR
Jim Vickerman Democrat 22 FOR
Betsy L. Wergin Republican 16 FOR
Charles W. Wiger Democrat 55 FOR
Ellen R. Anderson Democrat 66 AGAINST
Linda Berglin Democrat 61 AGAINST
Don Betzold Democrat 51 AGAINST
Satveer Chaudhary Democrat 50 AGAINST
Richard J. Cohen Democrat 64 AGAINST
D. Scott Dibble Democrat 60 AGAINST
Leo T. Foley Democrat 47 AGAINST
Linda Higgins Democrat 58 AGAINST
John C. Hottinger Democrat 23 AGAINST
Steve Kelley Democrat 44 AGAINST
Sharon Marko Democrat 57 AGAINST
John Marty Democrat 54 AGAINST
Mike McGinn Republican 38 AGAINST
Geoff Michel Republican 41 AGAINST
Mee Moua Democrat 67 AGAINST
Sandra L. Pappas Democrat 65 AGAINST
Lawrence J. Pogemiller Democrat 59 AGAINST
Jane B. Ranum Democrat 63 AGAINST
Ann H. Rest Democrat 45 AGAINST
Wesley J. Skoglund Democrat 62 AGAINST
Yvonne Prettner Solon Democrat 07 AGAINST


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Read more about Maria Ruud's radical plan for Minnesota.

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