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SD48 Tribute to Reagan.
MAINE GOVERNOR GOES OFF ON CRUZ CAMPAIGN -- Ted Cruz, like he has done is several states, is cheating and stealing delegates from Trump at the state convention.
NO CAUCUS, NO PRIMARY, NO VOTERS -- Ted Cruz celebrates voterless victories in Colorado, North Dakota, and Wyoming. GOP Chair defends this rigged process. Unfotunately for Cruz, the General Election will not be a caucus. It really should be about the will of the people and not the will of the party insiders.
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LIBERAL MEDIA STEPS UP THE HYSTERIA -- Boston newspaper runs fake news headlines promising riots and economic collapse if Trump is elected. One website offers this epic response.
SHARING THE LOVE -- Ted Cruz jokes about murdering Donald Trump. FLASHBACK: Senator Lindsey Graham jokes about murdering Ted Cruz.
JANUARY 22, 2016: Anyone but him! Top GOPers openly support Trump over Cruz
MARCH 10, 2016: To stop Trump, GOP Establishment must rally around Cruz.
MARCH 10, 2016: Republicans who begged Rubio to save them now kicking him to the curb.
DENNIS RODMAN AND ARSENIO HALL tell Mitt Romney to stay home and stop acting as the party hit man.
MIKE HUCKABEE TELLS THE GOP ESTABLISHMENT TO BACK OFF: "This is an election not a selection."
JEFF SESSIONS ENDORSES DONALD TRUMP -- In a major blow to Ted Cruz, the leading GOP Senate voice on immigration joins the growing list of high profile party endorsements for Trump.
WATCH: This is what it looks like when 1,400 workers learn that their jobs have just been shipped off to Mexico.
PEGGY NOONAN: Donald Trump and the rise of the unprotected.
MOM WHOSE SON WAS TORTURED, MURDERED BY ILLEGAL ALIEN ENDORSES TRUMP -- Laura Wilkerson: "The Pope doesn't care about me."
RUBIO REPEATS HIMSELF EIGHT TIMES ON ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION -- He still doesn't what he would do. Count the number of times he says: "It depends on what the American people will support."
"FRIEND OF THE TAXPAYER" -- Senator Dave Osmek (R-Mound) scores a perfect 100 in the latest Taxpayer League scorecard. This was his third straight year with a perfect 100 score. Meanwhile local legislators fell a bit short: David Hann scored a respectible 85, Jenifer Loon returns to her moderate ways with a dismal 50, not much better than Democrat Yvonne Selcer who scored a horrific 42.
CRUZ TAKES THE LOW ROAD -- A top Cruz team member speaks out against his candidate's repeated lies.
RUBIO AND AMNESTY -- Cruz was telling the truth about Rubio's interview on Univision.
RUSH LIMBAUGH: FBI wants more from Apple than just the terrorist's iPhone data.
BUSTED -- Cruz campaign pushes photoshopped image of Rubio shaking hands with Obama.
DEMOCRACY IS FOR CHUMPS -- Bernie Sanders clobbers Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire ... but Hillary ends up with more delegates!
DEVASTATING! -- Video montage of robot Marco Rubio repeating the same debate line five times.
DEMOCRATS CHEAT IN IOWA -- One Iowa caucus has only one voter who voted for Sanders. But Clinton was deemed the winner!
BORDER AGENT: "We might as well abolish our immigration laws altogether."
DECEITFUL VOICEMAIL -- Carson slams Cruz for spreading false rumor.
OBAMA'S CRAZY SPEECH -- Here's what Obama said at that mosque with extremist ties.
HILLARY'S IMPROBABLE LUCK -- Six county delegate positions were decided on a coin toss. All six were won by Hillary Clinton.
THIS SEEMS LIKE A BAD IDEA -- Ted Cruz and the creepy "caucus shaming" mailers.
LIKE A TRAINED SEAL -- CNN Reporter coordinated with Hillary aid to smear Rand Paul during th 2013 Benghazi hearing.
SYMPATHY FOR THE DEVIL -- Secretary of State John Kerry says the attacks against Charlie Hebdo had "legitimacy" and "rationale." President Obama has harsher words for Republicans than for the radical islamists. The NY Daily News uses the Paris attacks to go after the NRA. Soccer fans in Turkey boo during the moment of silence for the Paris victims.
THE BARBARIANS ARE INSIDE ... AND THERE ARE NO GATES -- Mark Steyn: "When the Allahu Akbar boys opened fire, Paris was talking about the climate-change conference due to start later this month, when the world's leaders will fly in to "solve" a "problem" that doesn't exist rather than to address the one that does."
RUBIO'S NEW BILLIONAIRE FUNDER -- A huge "Open Borders" supporter. More from Paul Mirengoff: Rubio's vulnerability, Part One and Part Two.
BEWARE THE PUMPKINS! -- Department of Energy says Jack-o-Lanterns cause global warming.
CHANGE -- Record 94,610,000 Americans not in the labor force.
THAT'S A REAL NICE OIL COMPANY YOU HAVE THERE --Hillary Clinton threatens to investigate oil company after they decide to stop funding the Clinton Foundation.
MARK STEYN: Get Lost, You Palace-Guard Creeps
THE TEXAS CLOCK HOAX -- Investor's Business Daily: "Did Muslim Clock Boy perpetrate a hoax?" Yes ... Yes he did. The real scandal here is the reaction of the media and assorted Leftists (but I repeat myself).
THE ECONOMY CONTINUES TO SINK: Powerline: "Census: Economy is going nowhere." Zero Hedge: "Obama's recovery in just 9 charts." Ace: "Obama: How dare unpatriotic people criticize America."
FAT CHANCE -- Obama urged by GOP to pay more attention to police shootings.
ALL HAIL DIVERSITY! -- Disney to remove gender labeling on Halloween costumes. Little Billy can now trick or treat as Tinkerbell.
THE LEFT HATES FREE SPEECH -- Powerline: "Arrest those climate skeptics!" When you're winning a debate, you don't ask the other side to shut up.
OH, THE THINGS YOU HAVEN'T DONE -- Legal Insurrection: "Hillary's accomplishments: A snapshot of nothing much." Ask 20 Democrats for Hillary's accomplishments and sit back for the funny. A lot of stuff boils down to "gave a speech" or "was in the vicinity of Bill at the time."
"AT NIGHT WE CAN HEAR THEM SCREAMING" -- U.S. soldiers ordered to ignore Afghan child abuse.
JEB BUSH SAYS GUNS ARE NOT A NATIONAL RIGHT -- If we can't trust Jeb to counter a simple and easily refuted attack on the 2nd Amendment, how can we trust him with more complex issues?
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May 5 (Thursday): National Day of Prayer
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July 12 (Tuesday): MLB All-Star Game, San Diego
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July 17 (Sunday): Hopkins Grande Day Parade
July 18-21: Republican National Convention, Cleveland
July 25-28: Democrat National Convention, Philadelphia
July 25 (Tuesday): Filing period for municipal elections begins
August 2 (Tuesday): National Night Out
August 5-22: Summer Olympics, Rio de Janeiro
August 8 (Tuesday): Filing period for municipal elections ends
August 10-14: Carver County Fair
August 25 - September 5: Minnesota State Fair
September 5: Labor Day
September 11 (Sunday): 911 Remeberance
September 20-21: MEA Weekend
October 2 (Sunday): Rosh Hashana
October 10 (Monday): Columbus Day
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January 16 (Monday): MLK Day
January 22 (Sunday): 44rd anniversary of Roe vs Wade decision
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February 16 (Thursday): Washington's Birthday
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April 17 (Monday): Tax Day
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