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The 2011 Dayton Shutdown
Maria Ruud: How Liberal Is She?
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SD48 Tribute to Reagan.
A DRIVE THROUGH EDEN PRAIRIE'S SOUTHWEST LRT ROUTE -- Watch this short video and see how Light Rail adds to congestion, threatens wetlands, and puts lives in danger.
AQUATICS CENTER PETITION -- Corlyss Affeldt joins the many voices calling for a vote before forcing Eden Prairie taxpayers to build the new $20 million Aquatic Center. To sign the petition, click here.
Twitter Feed from SD48 GOP
UNREAL -- The head of Obama's $26 million advocacy group laments Republican money in poilitics.
NOT BUYING IT -- Forbes: “How much does Obamacare rip off young adults? We ran the numbers. Here are the results.
MINNESOTANS ARE ON THE MOVE -- “For Rebecca and Quentin Irey, the election was the catalyst for making a big decision. The Ireys, who are classic hard-working entrepreneurs, chose to relocate their family to Texas.”
LIGHT RAIL IS UGLY, NOISY, SLOW ... AND EXTREMELY EXPENSIVE -- Brad Aho: “While we need to improve our multi-modal transportation infrastructure, there are too many unanswered questions to proceed with LRT.”
SILENCING THE OPPOSITION -- Federalist: "Why liberals attempt to silence honest debate." Because shut up. And Koch brothers.
GIVE IT BACK -- Senator David Hann: “Our plan would fully repeal the harmful business to business taxes and the gift tax. It also includes an update to the state tax code that would allow Minnesotans to claim federal deductions such as the marriage, mortgage insurance, adoption assistance and student loan interest deductions that were lost due to the Legislature's failure to act in the 2013 session.”
A COSTLY FAILED EXPERIMENT -- WSJ: Obamacare's treatment of people is arbitrary and unfair. Its economic impact is only going to get worse.
WHEN IS A DEADLINE NOT A DEADLINE? -- Answer: When it is Obamacare.
WHAT WAS THE POINT OF OBAMACARE? -- The Federalist: “So if ObamaCare doesn't offer affordable insurance, doesn't insure the uninsured, doesn't allow us to keep our existing plans, and doesn't even ensure high-quality care—then what are its defenders counting on?
NO ENDORSEMENT IN THE 48B RACE -- The SD48 convention had some unusual excitement as local activist Sheila Kihne challenged incumbent representative Jenifer Loon for the 48B house seat. Neither candidate was able to get enough votes to get endorsed. But if you think the 48B race was rough, try living in a place where politicians don't have to grovel for your votes.
STAR TRIBUNE: Oops --Sorry about all of those unexpected property tax hikes!
WHAT HAPPENS TO GUARANTED GOVERNMENT PENSIONS WHEN THE MONEY RUNS OUT? -- It's a trick question. They are no longer guaranteed.
TRAIN WRECK UPDATE -- Obamacare cuts home healthcare for millions of seniors.
METAPHOR ALERT: Minnesota light rail train runs off tracks after Obama lauds it in visit.
POOR PLANNING FOR SWLRT -- “St. Louis Park residents were angry and made it clear to the Met Council that they do not want a re-route through their city.
PEGGY NOONAN: AMERICA AND THE AGRESSIVE LEFT -- Half the country feels—and is—beset by government. That's not progress.
HOW IS THAT “SMART DIPLOMACY” WORKING FOR YA? -- “Putin asks Russian parliament for approval to use military force in Ukraine.” -- To quote Charles Krauthammer: Can anybody name a single achievement Hillary Clinton has chalked up as Secretary of State?
ELITIST -- Florida Democrat laments: “Without immigration reform, where will we get our landscapers and our maids?
HOW ABOUT A REFERENDUM ON THE EP SWIMMING POOL? -- Eden Prairie Schools will likely pursue a voter-approved referendum later this year which will give residents a voice in setting priorities. Will the Eden Prairie City Council provide voters with the same opportunity to vote on a pool?
I'M QUITTING MY JOB -- “Thanks Obamacare!
TRAIN WRECK UPDATE -- Obama Administration admits: Health law's new rules will increase costs for most small businesses.
YUCK-YUCK . . . DEMS LAUGH WHEN ASKED WHY OBAMACARE DOESN'T SAVE FAMILIES MONEY (VIDEO) -- Minnesota Democrats think it's a big joke that Obamacare doesn't save working families any money. Nineteen times Barack Obama promised to lower insurance premiums by $2,500 with Obamacare.
PEGGY NOONAN: Our decadent elites.
WHY DO DEMOCRATS HATE JOBS? -- The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office concludes that a minimum wage hike will result in worker shortages and lost jobs. Another report concludes that Obamacare will result in the loss of 2.5 million jobs.
WHY KERRY IS WRONG ABOUT GLOBAL WARMING -- “The climate-change consensus is not endangering lives, but the way it imperils economic growth and warps government policy making has made the future considerably bleaker.
UNEMPLOYMENT FOR ALL -- The Federalist: "5 Devastating Obamacare Facts From CBO's Latest Economic Report."
Rank State
1 New York
2 New Jersey
3 California
4 Minnesota
5 Rhode Island
TOP 10 STATES FOR TAXES -- Minnesota jumps from #6 to #4.
PEGGY NOONAN: MEANWHILE BACK IN AMERICA . . . -- “Washington sees the disaffection. They read the polls, they know. They call it rage. But it feels more like grief. Like the loss of something you never thought you'd lose, your sense of your country and your place in it, your rights in it.
MINNESOTA OBAMACARE EXCHANGES ARE FAILING -- The MNsure policies are expensive, with most people getting forced into policies with expensive deductibles and higher premiums. Next, they're getting into policies that include coverages that they don't need or want but that a government “expert” says is required. An independent panel recommends scrapping the entire MNSure program.
SICK KIDS LOSE ACCESS TO SPECIALTY HEALTH CARE -- “Now Seattle Children's Hospital is reporting that patients are being denied specialty treatments due to Obamacare regulations. Patients at Children's — that means that sick kids are not allowed the medical care that their doctors feel is best for them.”
COSTS MOUNT FOR SOUTHWEST LRT -- As the SWLRT project continues to drain money from Minnesota families, DFLers are proposing another tax increase.
HOLDING GOVERNMENT ACCOUNTABLE -- State Senator Dave Osmek responds to an audit that revealed secret payments to David Lillehaug from the Dayton administration.
DOWN IN THE DUMPS -- Target pushes workers into Obamacare. “If you like your health care plan, you can keep your health care plan ....”
HOLDING GOVERNMENT ACCOUNTABLE -- State Senator Dave Osmek responds to an audit that revealed secret payments to David Lillehaug from the Dayton administration.
WHAT RECOVERY? -- Sears and J.C. Penney are dying.
THANKS FOR ALL THE CASH, KIDS! -- Jimmy Kimmel explains how Obamacare hoses young adults.
BECAUSE OF RACISM -- Why doesn't criticism of Obama get any traction?

Compare travel time for a one-way trip from Eden Prairie to Downtown Minneapolis....

• Southwest Transit (non-stop):
20 minutes (source: Southwest Transit daily schedule)

• Southwest LRT (17 stops):
38 minutes (90 percent longer commute!) (source: Southwest LRT website)

LRT SUPPORTERS ARE NOT THINKING OF THE RIDERS -- Eden Prairie commuter laments: When LRT takes over in Eden Prairie, our clean, comfortable busses will go away.
A $63 MILLION BUILDING? FOR 44 SENATORS? -- Joe Soucheray highlights the latest DFL spending boondoggle.
May 1 (Thursday):
    National Day of Prayer
May 11 (Sunday):
    Mother's Day
May 19 (Monday):
    State Legislative Session Ends
March 23 (Friday):
    Four-year anniversary of
    signing of Obamacare
May 26 (Monday):
    Memorial Day
June 6 (Friday):
    D-Day Remembrance
June 14 (Saturday):
    Flag Day
June 15 (Sunday):
    Fathers Day
July 4 (Thursday):
    Independence Day
July 15 (Tuesday):
    MLB All-Star Game,
    Target Field, Minneapolis
July 18-26:
    Minneapolis Aquatennial

July 25 (Friday):
Cost of Government Day

July 29 (Tuesday):
Filing period for
    municipal elections begins

August 5 (Tuesday):
    National Night Out
August 12 (Tuesday):
    Filing period for
    municipal elections ends
August 12 (Tuesday):
    State primary election
August 21 - Labor Day:
    Minnesota State Fair
September 1 (Monday):
    Labor Day
September 11 (Thursday):
    911 Rememberance
September 25 (Thursday):
    Rosh Hashana
October 4 (Saturday):
    Yom Kippur
October 13 (Monday):
    Columbus Day
October 31 (Friday):
November 2 (Sunday):
    Daylight Savings Time Ends
November 4 (Tuesday):
2014 General Election
Vote for State Legislature and Eden Prairie City Council. Polls open until 8:00 PM. To find out where you vote, click here.
November 11 (Tuesday):
    Veterans Day
November 27 (Thursday):
December 1 (Monday):
    First Day of Advent
December 7 (Sunday):
    Pearl Harbor Remembrance
December 17 (Wednesday):
December 24 (Wednesday):
    Christmas Eve
December 25 (Thursday):
    Christmas Day
December 31 (Wednesday):
    New Year's Eve
January 1, 2015 (Thursday):
    New Year's Day
January 19 (Monday):
    MLK Day
January 22 (Thursday):
    41st anniversary of
    Roe vs Wade decision
February 1 (Sunday):
    Super Bowl, Phoenix, AZ
February 2 (Monday):
    Groundhog Day
February 6 (Friday):
    Ronald Reagan's Birthday

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