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Only days until
Election Day, 2018
The DFL pay raise
Amy Klobuchar voting record on taxes
The 2011 Dayton Shutdown
Maria Ruud: How Liberal Is She?
Global Warming
Are Minnesotans undertaxed?
Eden Prairie Budget
DFL Silly Laws
DFL vs. Health Care
Twins Stadium Deal
Vikings Stadium Deal
Gang of 200
TakeAction Minnesota
Defense of Marriage

SD48 Tribute to Reagan.
THE ART OF THE DEAL -- America is great again. Carrier is staying.
WHO'S LAUGHING NOW? -- Video compiles how the media lost its mind this election season.
REPUBLICAN AMERICA -- These three maps show just how dominant Republicans are after Election Day.
Twitter Feed from SD48 GOP
CHANGE -- GOP rushes to embrace Trump
LOVE TRUMPS HATE -- Student kicked out of class for disagreeing that Trump election was as bad as 9/11
HECKLER'S VETO -- More than half of the anti-democracy protesters didn't vote in Oregon.
LAW AND ORDER -- Muslim student charged in Trump hate-crime hoax.
COURAGE -- Milo Yiannopoulos discusses courageous Trump voters.
WHAT TRUMPS HATE? -- Ohio man is the first to be arrested for trying to assassinate Trump.
APOLOGY FOR THE WIN -- Black Trump supporter's message for Hillary supporters.
VOTING FOR TRUMP: "HATE CRIME"? -- Those who view a vote for Trump as a hate crime must want to criminalize voting for a candidate whose views offend them greatly. The authoritarian implications could hardly be more clear.
HOWIE CARR: Some quick and easy steps to tell if you are "deplorable."
JOHN KERRY ATTACKS TRUMP'S BORDER WALL PROPOSAL -- He tells Northeastern University students to prepare for a "borderless world."
THERE ARE ONLY FOUR? -- Four times reporters made up stories about Trump.
THE LEFT HATES FREE SPEECH -- Powerline: "Arrest those climate skeptics!" When you're winning a debate, you don't ask the other side to shut up.
SD48 Calendar
Note: Some dates subject to change
August 1 (Tuesday): National Night Out
August 15 (Tuesday): Filing period for municipal and school board elections ends
August 24 - Labor Day: Minnesota State Fair
September 4 (Monday): Labor Day
September 11 (Monday): 911 Remembrance
September 21 (Thursday): Rosh Hashana
September 30 (Saturday): Yom Kippur
October 9 (Monday): Columbus Day
October 31 (Tuesday): Halloween
November 5 (Sunday): Daylight Savings Time ends at 2AM

November 7 (Tuesday):
2017 General Election
Vote for local races (School Board, City Council)
Polls open until 8:00 PM. To find out where you vote, click here.

November 11 (Saturday): Veterans Day
November 23 (Thursday): Thanksgiving
December 3 (Sunday): First day of Advent
December 7 (Thursday): Pearl Harbor Remembrance
December 13 (Wednesday): First Day of Hannukah
December 25 (Monday): Christmas
January 1 (Monday): New Years Day - Happy 2018!
January 15 (Monday): MLK Day
January 22 (Monday): 45rd anniversary of Roe vs Wade decision
February 2 (Friday): Groundhog Day
February 4 (Sunday): Super Bowl, Minneapolis, MN
February 6 (Tuesday): Ronald Reagan's Birthday
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